Students of the Faculty of Information Technology displayed their Scientific Posters on Saturday morning, as part of the basic courses of the study plan (all disciplines) for the subject of scientific research methods, with the aim of enhancing the research knowledge of students, and scientific research skills that begin by identifying a research problem and deep understanding of it Provide data and analyze them to find solutions to the hypothesis of the research studied.

The students presented their posters openly and received questions and inquiries from their fellow students and faculty members about their objectives of choosing poster topics (which are done in coordination with the faculty), the steps that have been followed, the purpose of the research, its objectives and the way it is prepared. To identify the results, the conclusions and the scientific references, which instills the spirit of scientific debate.

The Scientific Posters are a brief research, in which students follow the methods of preparing research, to show their understanding of the curricula, and to apply what they learned during the semester, where the student in the first stage, select the subject of his poster (his brief research) and present his proposal visually “Presentation” and discussed during the lecture during the first half of the semester, before starting the preparation of his research in the second stage, in which he is evaluated by the faculty, especially with regard to the method used in the preparation of posters and the student’s method of discussion and presentation of information.