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تتبنى كلية تكنولوجيا المعلومات طريقة التعلم المبني على المعضلات، وهي طريقة تدعم التعلم الذاتي والبحث لدى الطلاب ويتعارف عليها باسم PBL

جلسات العصف الذهني

Students at the school of Engineering and Technology organize weekly brainstorming sessions on the topics presented in the courses taught using the PBL method.

جلسات استخلاص المعلومات

Through this method or system (information debriefing sessions), students get an opportunity to research and scrutinize the educational goals and consult the educational supervisor the next day in what is known as the presence of the teacher or supervisor Tutor Availability to know the depth and accuracy of the information

منافشة التقارير والواجبات المنزلية

After the debriefing session, the student will have all the information he needs to know and must write the information in an academic manner in writing following the report writing guide.

خدمة المجتمع

Within the framework of activating the community service program, the students of the Libyan International University for Medical Sciences participated this morning, coinciding with the International Volunteer Day, in the planting of Al-Jalaa Park in Benghazi.

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