The final tests were launched on Saturday at the Faculty of Information Technology, where students of the first semester conducted their test in Mathematics I under the supervision of Dr. Raja Al Borgo,its worth mentioning that  the mathematics course (part 1) is one of the general courses for first class students, which enables them to recognize, differentiate and integrate the functions.

The students of the second semester also conducted their final test in mathematics II under the supervision of Dr. Raja Al-Borgo, and the mathematics course (Part II) is a general course for the students of the second semester, which enables them to recognize linear algebra and differential equations and methods of solving them.

In the same vein, students in the Networks Department conducted the final test in Wireless & Mobile Communications Networks under the supervision of Dr. Ebthal Al Shami, a key material in the networks section that examines the basics of wireless communications and the equipment used to build such networks.

In this subject, the concepts of data transmission in the medium of the wireless transmission over electromagnetic waves and the concepts of frequencies, channels and techniques used such as mobile generations and Wi-Fi are explained. The article also addresses the topics of performance quality, protection against signal interference and many other topics of great interest to the student of the network section.