Weekly PBL Activities

The Libyan International University follows the “problem-based learning method” with a self-learning process, which is a system or method known for short as PBL and is characterized as an advanced educational system that relies on placing the student in front of a specific dilemma that he discusses on the first day known as brainstorming (“Brain Storming” BS) through which the student analyzes the ideas presented for discussion and derives from them the educational objectives under the supervision of the Tutors.
Students at the College of Information Technology organize weekly Brain Storming sessions on the topics presented within the courses taught in the PBL method. In the presence of the Tutors, students learn about methods and techniques for setting educational goals throughout the week that will be covered in the debriefing sessions.
Through this method or system, students get the opportunity to research and scrutinize the educational goals and consult the educational supervisor on the next day in what is known as the presence of the teacher or the supervisor, Tutor Availability, to know the depth and accuracy of the information, provided that a discussion session is held on the third day known as debriefing where he discusses The student, along with his colleagues, details the educational goals and is evaluated for his presentation in the panel discussion.
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