Graduation Ceremony for Three Batches of Information Technology Programs

Graduation Ceremony for Three Batches of Information Technology Programs.

This university has a remarkable ability to create exceptional moments that bring joy to hearts, gladden souls, and touch hearts. It spreads hope that makes Libya smile and be optimistic, wear its lush dress, and book a front seat next to the graduates of the School of Engineering and Technology (Technology Programs) who are wandering today with pride and honor in the crown of the International, which adorns their heads and which the Acting President of the University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mansouri, said in his opening speech: “We see today the crown of the International above your heads. This crown is adorned with many medals of honor, creativity, and certificates of accreditation.” Al-Mansouri continues with pride in the International: “Thank God, our university has distinguished itself at all levels until its graduates have become a landmark in the labor market. So be proud and boast that you are graduates of this steadfast scientific fortress despite all the challenges.

Al-Dinli: Continue your success until you change Libya for the better

With this verse from the Holy Quran, Dr. Omar Al-Dinli, Acting vice dean of the School of Engineering and Technology, began his speech, in which he said with pride and honor: “In this joyful ceremony, we are honored to be witnesses, makers, and participants in this wonderful scientific event by graduating three batches:

  • The fourteenth and fifteenth batches of the Health Informatics program.
  • The eighth and ninth batches of the Computer Networks program.
  • The seventh and eighth batches of the Network Engineering program

Al-Dinli congratulated the students and their parents who made a great effort and their children lived up to the trust that we all placed in them. Al-Dinli also advised his students to continue their path of success so that they can benefit themselves, build their country, and change Libya for the better.

Al-Maghribi: Continue your postgraduate studies. Your university is waiting for you

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maghribi, the Registrar General, called on his graduate sons to join the postgraduate programs at their university and to join the faculty family. Their university is open to them and its capabilities are available to them. The ties grow stronger and do not recede with graduation, but rather begin and strengthen in new forms and images that never end.

The graduate Tala Sami Bunekhil gave a speech on behalf of the graduates. Tala says:

We celebrate today a great achievement that we have made in our beloved college. We remember all the details: the hours, days, months, years, and all the moments we went through in the International. In all its colors and spectrums, with its ease and difficulty. To reach the moment of harvest together, and the fruits of the effort and sweat of our fathers and mothers, and of our teachers throughout our years of study loom before us. Thank you to my university and I promise that I will remain proud. That I studied at this beacon university and thanks to our parents and mothers and to the graduate colleagues in my academic career.

Al-Nuhaim declares his love and Fatima embraces him heart to heart

As for Dr. Ali Al-Nuhaim, who gave a speech on behalf of the parents, he drew hearts before eyes, when his voice changed as he began to sing the name of his graduate daughter and declare his love, pride, and joy for her. Fatima stood up from her seat and rushed, her heart preceding her, towards him and embraced him, so that tears mixed and feelings mingled to form the most beautiful paintings in the Princess Hall.

Scenes of joy followed one another at the Graduation Ceremony today, Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Amidst the joy of everyone, whose hearts were saying thank God that we have reached this level and realized this day and we are happy with the graduation of our children from a university, which is an exception in excellence, uniqueness, and giving.

The ceremony witnessed touches of loyalty that embraced and shook hands with dedication and generosity. They were among the keys to the success of the International and among the secrets of its distinction:

  • Ms. Safaa Kishaar
  • Ms. Tahani Ali Al-Jarad
  • Ms. Hadeel Nasr Hekmat

The ceremony continues in its details under the supervision of a distinguished team that manages the event with smoothness, sweetness, and joy.

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