In commemoration of the World Bicycle Day: the international organization organizes a joyful procession that embraces all ages 

   Today, Saturday morning, the third of June 2023, a bicycle march started from the Sports City, crossing the main streets and squares in Benghazi, to reach the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences on the occasion of the International Bicycle Day, which falls on the third of June of each year. This program comes within the framework of the International University’s interest in sustainability activities that support public health and physical fitness and promote awareness of the local environment World Bicycle Day is a unique event that encourages cycling in the community, in recognition of the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of bicycles, and that they are a simple, affordable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. A number of university employees and students participated in this circumnavigation, in addition to large numbers of those interested in cycling and riders from the White Falcon Cycling Clubs, the Mountain Bike Team, the Triathlon Sub-Federation in the Eastern Region, and the Office of the Ministry of Sports in the Eastern Region In conclusion, the university president and a number of university leaders received the cyclists participating in the celebration of the World Bicycle Day in the university sports hall, whose ages and destinations differed, but they were brought together by the hobby. Dr. Mohamed Saad gave a speech on this occasion, at the beginning of which he welcomed the participants and praised this healthy sporting activity and praised the organizers and organizers of it and thanks and appreciation were distributed to the participants in the presence of the Vice Rector for Community and Environmental Affairs, Dr. Ali Saeed, and the Director of the Community Service Office at the University, A. Wahiba Al-Hassi, in order to motivate them and honor their participation in spreading health and environmental awareness in the community. The International University also thanks the Benghazi Traffic Department, represented by the motorcycle unit, which provided a safe path for the riders, as well as the Libyan Red Crescent, which allocated an ambulance with first aid specialists, which set off with the convoy to provide assistance to the riders from start to finish.

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