About Faculty

Since its establishment, the university has been keen to keep pace with the scientific and technological progress. It has established various faculties that respond to the requirements of development by providing the required competencies. From this point of view, in 2010/2011, the University initiated a quantum leap in the development of the information technology sector leading to establishing the Faculty of Information Technology, which grants a bachelor’s degree in the field of Health Informatics. The purpose of this facutly is to meet the needs of the society in the required disciplines in the information technology sector, in addition to establishing strong bonds with the society, especially in terms of advanced courses and training of cadres, and promoting scientific research in the fields of information technology and health care management, benefiting the community, as well as work to provide the infrastructure and cadres necessary for the software industry and technical support.

Dean’s message

It is my pleasure to welcome my sons and daughters to the Faculty of Information Technology at the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) in Benghazi, Libya, which was established in order to contribute to the achievement of the University’s mission of excellence in learning, production and dissemination of knowledge and partnership with the health sector through the provision of IT specialties and health care management. As we have entered the age of technology, information and the revolution of communication, the need for education and professionalism is increasing to meet the imperatives of this tremendous technological development in our lives and the society around us.future.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a brief overview of this faculty, which is a tributary of the technological and health sectors of different disciplines, which aims to prepare and qualify national cadres to be able to absorb the rapid development in the sectors of technology and health sciences. The faculty currently offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in the fields of Health Informatics, Software Engineering, Networks and Computer Communications. Health Informatics has been launched and other disciplines will be introduced in the coming years and gradually among these disciplines. The faculty also determined to be distinguished and internationally recognized and able to compete regionally and internationally.

In conclusion, I would like to welcome you once again to the faculty of Information Technology, hoping that you would continue to communicate with the faculty and its staff through the faculty website.

Tawfig Tawill / Dean of Information Technology
Tawfig Tawill / Dean of Information Technology

Faculty Council

  1. The Dean of the Faculty
  2. The Faculty Vice Dean
  3. Head of the Health Informatic Department
  4. Head of the Software Engineering Department
  5. Head of the Computer Networks Department
  6. Faculty Registrar

Mission of the Faculty

• Provide a motivating environment for learning and creativity using advanced scientific curricula and modern technology and extraordinary faculty members.
• Commitment to graduating qualified professionals capable to deal with the community technical and health needs.

• Adopting a continuous technological and medical learning strategy within and outside the university community.
• Dissemination of the IT awareness culture and the definition of information technology mechanization.

• Engaging Advanced Technology in Education, and contributing to the creation of a qualified generation in dealing with new technologies in health care institutions and serving different sectors of society by providing logistical consultancies “scientific and technological”.ional ethics.

• Contribution to the development and modernization of the educational system through the training of national competencies and preparing them to contribute to the activation of human development plans and development process in general.
• Strengthen communication and partnership with institutions and organizations concerned with education domestically and internationally.

commitment to professional ethics.

Goals of the Faculty:

1. Developing students’ learning and communication skills.
2. Preparation of graduates to practice and master technical and administrative careers with the ability to take the initiative to introduce what’s new in the field of information technology and health management.
3. Developing the faculty’s educational process by developing the skills of faculty members, lecturers and teaching assistants in the fields of teaching and scientific research, using modern technology and management skills, developing students’ achievement abilities and to allow them to acquire the necessary skills for success and carrying out research and development studies in the field of information technology.
4. Developing faculty members teaching and research skills.
5. Promoting full participation of all faculty members to the development of curricula in information technology and health care management, and keep abreast of new ones.
6. Promoting scientific research in the fields of information technology and health care management.
7. To meet the community needs of necessary disciplines in the information technology sector.
8. Establishing strong bonds with the society through the establishment of advanced training courses for all cadres.
9. Providing the necessary infrastructure and cadres for the software industry and technical support.
10. Developing the university’s human resources in the field of information technology.
11. Developing centers of excellence to provide scientific and technical consultations.
12. Promoting members of the teaching staff to contribute fully to the development of curricula in information technology and health care management, and keep abreast of new ones.

Vision of the Faculty:

• To be the pioneers in providing quality education and conducting qualitative research in the field of information technology and health care management.
• Strengthen partnerships with the community
• To be amongst the front-runners of the corresponding regional colleges according to international standards by 2015.